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My newest book Hey! All Kids Are Smart and children's book Are You Smart?

are for everybody and a topic I am very passionate about, children believing in themselves.

Children are smarter than they realize!


What do you do when your child tells you that he or she isn’t smart? You can give the standard answer, “Of course you’re smart” then proceed to give examples. But is it enough? What if you could actually prove to your child how smart he or she is?

            This must-read book will help you and your child discover where their areas of smart are. Once they have discovered this, their world will open up with many new and empowering possibilities.

            The adventures inside include:

            * What the eight areas of smart are.

            * A simple interest survey to identify their areas of strength.

            * A guide for those with Special Needs children.

            * How to inspire your child.

            * A plan of action.     

            * Activities to do in each area of smart.

            * A list of heroes for your child to identify with, including astronauts, artists, scientists, athletes,                 writers, chefs, performers, politicians, etc.

            * Possible careers have been added to each area of smart. It’s never too early to start thinking                       about the future.


So what are you waiting for? Show your child how smart he or she really is!

Both Books are available on Amazon.

This children's book will not only delight young readers, it will also help them discover their personal areas of smart. Children and their parents will go on a magical bus ride with Mrs. Dilly and her class to the All Kids Are Smart school. Many of them don't think they are smart, but soon realize they are all smart in their own unique way.

The fun illustrations are by Val Chadwick Bagley, also known as the cartoon guy. Val has illustrated many children's books and comic strips.

This book is available on Amazon and will soon be available on Christy's new website "".

  The Untamed Dreams trilogy is now a series. Untamed Dreams- A Dangerous Beginning

Ending the curse was only the beginning?

    Conrad has left his life on the sea and has settled into the modern world. His new life is going well until blood coins from the old world begin to surface at different crime scenes.

    Brenna finds herself transported to a strange world where odd looking carriages move without horses and the people wear strange clothes. She is living with murderous and thieving pirates from an old world. Doing everything she can to survive, she strives to get out of the bad situation she is in. A glimmer of hope surfaces when she meets Conrad. But nothing is ever easy?

    Can Conrad, Brenna, Kayli, and Colton stop pirates from the old world from entering our modern world or is it too late?

Fans of the Untamed Dreams series will be captivated by this continuation of an already riveting story. Untamed Dreams- A Dangerous Beginning is an enticing blend of danger, mystery, and forbidden romance. 

Is now available!

 A video book trailer is available for viewing for most of the books. Click on the book covers for all of the fun information!

The Mortician's Daughter is a story that is so funny, you'll... die laughing!


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 Untamed Dreams Series   

Curses, secrets, crossing into another world, romance, and pirates all create a great story!


 Paper Angels is a novel with a touch of Christmas magic!
Children's Books
Mother's Tribute

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       Please enjoy finding out about my books,seeing some selected artwork,and getting other event information. I'm happy you came to visit!


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